LIPORASE (Hyaluronidase) 1500U (5ml-10vials) Korean Packaging

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Hyaluronic acid is a substance constantly present in the human body, which in recent years has been actively used in cosmetology. It is a part of various dermal fillers, preparations for bio revitalization, cocktails for mesotherapy. These procedures have long become routine, they are widely used to improve the quality of the skin, eliminate flabbiness and lethargy, eliminate facial imperfections, asymmetry, and correct various age-related changes. As a rule, high-quality products are used for procedures, which do not cause side reactions and are safely excreted from the body.

However, in some cases, the cosmetic hyaluronic acid injection may cause side reactions that must be eliminated immediately. For such situations where dermal filler hyaluronidase was created – an enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid, which is its antidote. Liporase 1500 units released by the Korean company Daehan New Pharm.

Composition of Liporase Hyaluronidase 1500 i.u

The preparation contains hyaluronidase, a natural enzyme that increases tissue permeability in the human body by reducing the viscosity of the extracellular matrix.

Application of Liporase Lipodissoving Injection

The injection of Liporase Hyaluronidase helps to fight necrosis, fibrosis, edema, granulomas, overcorrection, inflammation, scars, material migration, and effectively get rid of excess hyaluronic acid fillers. Such reactions arise as a result of the individual reaction of the body, errors in carrying out procedures with hyaluronic acid. Sometimes the body considers the injected hyaluronic acid to be a foreign body, which also causes an atypical reaction.

With the help of Liporase, the previously introduced dermal filler is broken down into glucuronic acid and glucosamine and is safely excreted by the body. Also, the Liporase Hyaluronidase injection is used to combat cellulite fibrosis. This is the last stage of cellulite, characterized by adipose tissue density and edema.

Liporase is also used to eliminate the Tyndall effect – the appearance of blue spots on the skin due to prolonged post-traumatic edema and vascular dysfunction.

Not suitable for reducing and correcting volumes of lactic acid, collagen, silicone, and calcium hydroxyapatite.

Benefits of Liporase to Dissolve Hyaluronic Acid Filler

  • locally affects the problem area;
  • quickly dissolves hyaluronic acid;
  • is universal, that is, it can eliminate any negative consequences of the injection of hyaluronic acid dermal filler;
  • does not cause complications, is easy to use;
  • can be used even several years after the introduction of filler into the body;
  • restores and normalizes metabolic processes.

Release Form

Available in packs of 10 bottles, each containing 5 ml. drug.


The remedy should not be administered:

  • in the presence of infectious, inflammatory, oncological diseases;
  • if there is an individual reaction of the body to the drug;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • in case of taking antibiotics;
  • the drug is not allowed to be administered to children.

Carrying out the Procedure

Before the procedure, the doctor must test for an allergic reaction. It is usually recommended to wait at least an hour to make sure there is no reaction.

Before use, the drug is diluted in 4 ml of 0.9% NaCl solution (saline).

The drug is injected to a depth of at least 1 cm. The skin is preliminarily treated with an anesthetic cream or gel. After the injections, a spreading massage is done. Usually, 1-2 procedures are enough to achieve the necessary effect.

Reactions and Rehabilitation

After the introduction, local reactions are possible: itching, rash, redness, pain, swelling. They usually persist for a couple of days until they disappear completely.

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  1. melissajames

    It really helped with the ‘duck lips’ my patient came with 😉

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