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Belotero Lips Contour is a new step in the aesthetic medicine sphere. This injectable solution designed by the german manufacturer Merz provides outstanding results to all types of patients. Thanks to this product, it is possible to improve lip contour, correct lip shape, and restore missing volume.

At PDcosmetics, it is possible to purchase other injectables from the Belotero Lips brand (e.g., Belotero Lips Shape). Beauticians may buy products from different categories as well – Botulinum based remedies, dermal fillers, mesotherapy cocktails, etc.

Basic properties of the injectable solution

Belotero Lips Contour – a hyaluronic acid-based injectable solution for improving lips appearance. HA is also known as cross-linked sodium hyaluronate. All its components are checked and FDA approved, so there should be no worries about the procedure’s safety. The medication also includes 0,3% of lidocaine that makes the treatment comfortable and painless.

Thanks to the unique formula, Belotero Lips Contour causes minimal allergic reactions, stays in the dermis for a long time (up to a year), doesn’t migrate from the original place of injection, and does not demand an additional appointment for correction.

The box includes a prefilled syringe (0.6ml), package insert, 2 needles 27G 1/2, and 2 traceability labels.

Areas of use for Belotero Lips Contour

Belotero Lips Contour with lido guarantees intensive hydration and natural collagen production thanks to the hyaluronic acid in the drug’s composition. The gel can be used to deal with such aesthetic problems:

  • Elimination of any aging signs (wrinkles, lost elasticity, etc.), as well as flaws caused by the influence of various negative factors (active facial expression, smoking, constant gum chewing, etc.);
  • Enhance lip contouring and lip augmentation;
  • Correcting the asymmetry of the lips;
  • Improving the proportion of the lips.

Only a professional beautician in a specialized clinic with enough experience can perform the procedure with the Belotero filler. Usually, the treatment lasts no longer than an hour, and the client may get back to the normal rhythm of life almost right away.

Side effects

Side effects after Belotero lips contour vary depending on the patient’s skin type, sensitivity, and other health peculiarities. These symptoms include:

  • Injection site reactions at the treated areas (swelling, itching, bruising in the places of punctures, redness, etc.);
  • Increased tenderness of the lips and area around them;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Headache and nausea;
  • Sleepiness and tiredness.

These symptoms are safe for the patient’s health and are usually gone within a week. However, if they are not gone in 7 days after the filler injection, a doctor’s help may be required. It is also important to contact the beautician if the following side effects after Belotero Lip Contour with lidocaine appear:

  • Severe allergies or body reactions;
  • Hardening or stiffness of the treated area;
  • Bumps or lumps under the skin.

If to take care of these troubles on time, there will be no problems and serious complications, so all patients should be informed about it.


Every beautician has to inform patients about contraindications to the product to avoid any possible complications:

  • Intolerance or hypersensitivity to any drug components;
  • Inflammations, infections, or any skin damages at the areas that are about to be treated;
  • Systemic and autoimmune diseases;
  • Oncology or epilepsy;
  • A tendency to keloids formation in patients;
  • High fever or SARS;
  • Breast feeding or pregnant women;
  • People younger than 18 years old.

The analog of Belotero Lips Contour with lidocaine should be picked by the doctor in case the client matches with any of the symptoms mentioned above. A pre-appointment is usually required to discuss these nuances with the person, as well as to define the correct dose, number of treatment sessions and the right product.

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1 review for BELOTERO® LIPS CONTOUR w/ Lidocaine

  1. olenkazirochka9

    It naturally enhances the curves and contours of the lips

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