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One of the things for which Profhilo is known is for its unmatched Hyaluronic Acid concentration. While most professional-grade soft-tissue filler injections have an HA concentration of 20mg/ml, this champion packs a total of 64mg per 2ml. Thanks to that it has the following advantages:

  • Reduced viscosity percentage
  • Minimal risk of post-treatment inflammations
  • Improved control over the injection
  • Even gel distribution under the skin for aesthetically-appealing contouring
  • Zero BDDE for lower risk of side effects
  • Impressive effects longevity (about 6 months)

This one-of-a-kind cosmetic product can be injected into various parts of the face and the body including the chin, cheeks, nose, neck, dorsum of the hands, inner arms and more. Patients will be able to enjoy its amazing tightening, biorejuvenating, volumizing and contouring actions after just two sessions.

3 reviews for Profhilo H+L

  1. samanthajulia22

    Very pleased with product. Injected via BAP technique, patient noticed skin tightening results with 2 weeks

  2. bright45clinic

    Grear product! Completely safisfied wiht the purchase!


    perfectly prevents from skin laxity

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