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Due to different factors like natural aging, stress, poor nutrition, exposure to intense sunlight, lack of sleep, etc., the skin may lose its elasticity and firmness, become dull with pigmentation, wrinkles, and uneven complexion. Daily skincare routine is not always to solve the problem. Sometimes, just rejuvenation on the deeper cellular lever is required to return the firmness of the skin.

For these purposes, the cosmetic manufacturer Merz has elaborated a revolutionary new product for mesotherapy and biostimulation – Belotero Revive 1ml.

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Belotero Revive with Hyaluronic Acid – Deep Hydration and Radiance

The new remedy from Merz Belotero revive contains in its composition hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), glycerin in a concentration of 17.5 mg/ml, and phosphate buffer pH 7 q.s. 1 ml. This unique cocktail is aimed at deep hydration of the skin tissues. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human tissues, is essential for hydration as one of its functions is to attract and bind water molecules, and moreover, takes part in the production of collagen and elastin – the elements responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

That is why when the concentration of HA in the derma decreases, it becomes loose and less elastic, the first lines and creases appear, the complexion gets dull.

The injections of Belotero Revive help to replenish the moisturizing balance and make the skin healthier and more radiant, prevent wrinkle formation, improve skin structure.

Glycerin, famous for its moisturizing properties, works as a skin booster and strengthens the effect of hyaluronic acid.

Peculiarities of Belotero Revive 1ml Application

The administration of Belotero Revive supposes subcutaneous injections of the dermal filler. Beneath the skin, the dermal filler renews its structure and improves the inner processes for a healthier, fresher, and more beautiful appearance. The patient will see the first results directly after the procedure, but it will take a few weeks for the final effect to appear.

The Effectiveness of Belotero Revive

Belotero Revive dermal filler showed excellent effectiveness at solving the following issues:

  • skin hydration up to 3 months after the injection;
  • wrinkle formation prevention;
  • improvement of overall complexion;
  • elimination of redness of the skin and uneven relief.

Due to the non-organic origin of the components, Belotero Revive is non-allergic and possesses perfect bio combinability with the human tissues.

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Benefits of Rejuvenation with Belotero Revive 1ml

The injections of Belotero Revive are suitable for such areas as ✔the face, ✔neck, ✔decollete, ✔hands. Why this filler has got all chances to become one of the best products for mesotherapy? Here are the reasons:

  • max skin hydration;
  • restoration of the skin structure;
  • smoothing of the skin;
  • decreasing of redness.

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  1. Carolina H.

    Very good, 4/5

  2. Maryam Davidson

    The product works well, I’m happy with its quality. The parcel was delivered very quickly. Thank you.

  3. Helen

    It improves the elasticity and firmness of mature skin

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