Durolane (1x3ml)

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DUROLANE® helps osteoarthritis patients relieve their pain and other symptoms. Osteoarthritis (OA) occurs when the cartilage in the knee, hip, or other joints breaks down, reducing the joint’s cushion and allowing the bones to rub together painfully. When you inject DUROLANE® into your patient’s knee or hip joint, the high levels of concentrated hyaluronic acid provide both a lubrication and a cushion for the joint. This prevents the bones from rubbing together to cause inflammation and pain, allowing your patients to move around more comfortably after their DUROLANE® injection.

DUROLANE® can help patients that have osteoarthritis symptoms such as pain in their knee, hip, or other joints. When other osteoarthritis treatments such as as physical therapy, exercise, and pain medication have become less effective, you can use DUROLANE® to replace or supplement these other treatments to give your patients maximum pain relief.

After a DUROLANE® injection, some patients may experience immediate relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms, but for others it may take longer. DUROLANE® is meant for a single injection instead of a series of three to five injections like many other viscosupplements, and this one injection can last for up to about six months.

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