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Brand: Intraline

Manufacturer: Medicobi Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin: Sweden

Volume: 1ml

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

Strength of Hyaluronic Acid: 20 mg/ml

Density Level: Middle

Lidocaine: No

Application Areas: The facial oval

Technology: Innovative spherification technology

Dermal Layers: Mid dermis, deep dermis, upper sub-Q

Duration of Effect: Up to 12 months

Needles: 27G

Package: One prefilled syringe, two needles

The Intraline brand is manufactured by the Swedish company Medicobi Co., Ltd. It produces high-quality dermal fillers targeted to rejuvenate and enhance people’s appearances in a natural-looking way.

The product line of Intraline consists of the two following dermal filler ranges:

  • Monophasic (Intraline M2 Plus, Intraline M3 Plus, Intraline M4 Plus);
  • Biphasic (Intraline One, Intraline Two, Intraline for Men).

Each above-mentioned product has its own properties and indications. Below, you will be able to go through the detailed description of Intraline for Men (or Intraline Men, as it is also called), a cosmetic injectable formulated specifically for male patients.

What’s in the box? The Intraline Men package includes one prefilled syringe with 1 ml of the product and two sterile 27G needles.

General Characteristics

Intraline Men is a revolutionary dermal filler that is used to treat men’s skin. It is an injectable gel that is based on only the finest ingredients such as cross-linked hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) of middle density and non-animal origin. Intraline’s hyaluronic acid is used to attract moisture to a patient’s skin and provide smoother appearance.

The composition of Intraline Men does not contain lidocaine. Still, a health care practitioner might reduce the minor discomfort of a patient by means of applying a topical anaesthetic cream around the injection site shortly before the procedure.

The dermal filler is created by means of employing the so-called innovative spherification technology and the BDDE cross-linking agent. It helps to achieve large molecular spheres via the proprietary bacterial fermentation process and provide patients with the best possible results.

The treatment protocol of Intraline Men assumes that medical professionals should inject the gel intradermally into the mid dermis level, deep dermis level, or upper sub-Q level of a patient’s facial oval.

Such intradermal injections provide a patient with natural results that might last up to 12 months. As soon as they fade away the administration of the Intraline Men medical device might be repeated.

Unlike a permanent implant, Intraline Men will fade away sooner or later. The exact duration of the result after the procedure depends on many factors, such as a patient’s age, skin type, or lifestyle.

Usage Indications

Intraline Men is indicated to men striving to rejuvenate their overall appearance by means of reducing age-related skin depressions. It is mainly used to:

  • Treat middle to deep set wrinkles adorning the face. Namely, the product does a great job while reducing such commonly seen wrinkles as perioral folds, frown lines, and forehead lines;
  • Define facial contours (or, in other words, provide a patient with a profound facial contouring);
  • Restore volume of certain facial features;
  • And so on.

In rare cases, Intraline Men might also be used for lip injections. Thus, it is one of the few dermal fillers indicated for the male lip augmentation.


Intraline’s dermal fillers are contraindicated to patients who have the following limitations:

  • The age under 18;
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to any component of the product (especially hyaluronic acid);
  • Skin infection or irritation around the treatment area;
  • Serious health problems (such as autoimmune disorders, poor blood clotting, or untreated epilepsy);
  • Parallel intake of any incompatible medication (for instance, blood thinners);
  • And so on.

If a health care practitioner ignores the above-mentioned contraindications, a patient might experience a number of complications after the procedure.


Intraline Men skin injections might lead to the following complications:

  • The appearance of facial asymmetry;
  • Bleeding;
  • Infections;
  • Lumps and bumps;
  • Necrosis;
  • And so on.

These symptoms tend to appear under one of the following circumstances:

  • The ignorance of contraindications to the administration of the product;
  • The usage of the inappropriate injection technique;
  • And so on.

Side Effects

Just like most dermal fillers, Intraline Men might cause several side effects after being injected. For instance:

  • Irritation of the skin at the injection site (such as redness, swelling, or itching);
  • Bruising around the area of the treatment;
  • The feeling of pain or discomfort;
  • And so on.

These are the temporary reactions of the body to the injection of the product. In most cases, they disappear without any medical supervision in up to a week after the procedure.

A patient should contact a health care practitioner as soon as possible in case of having any side effects after the injection of Intraline Men.

After-Treatment Recommendations

One of the advantages of Intraline Men is that it provides a patient with natural-looking results in a minimally invasive way. While requiring little to no downtime, the procedure allows a patient to get back to their usual lifestyle shortly after the treatment.

Still, a patient is recommended to follow these simple after-treatment recommendations for the first 48 hours after the procedure:

  • Either avoid undergoing direct sunlight or apply a special sunscreen cream to the treated area;
  • Do not undergo extreme temperatures and, therefore, stay away from visiting saunas or taking hot baths;
  • Evade exercising strenuously;
  • And so on.

This way, a patient will minimize the risk of complications and maximize the efficiency of the treatment.

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