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Primary Characteristics of Nucleofill Strong for Mesotherapy Treatments

Nucleofill is a product widely used in anti-aging medicine for skin rejuvenation and hydration that cannot be reached only by cosmetic products. Among all beneficial components included in the ingredients list are active polynucleotides greatly needed for skin renewal and bio-restructuring. Thanks to that, it acts as a three-way mechanism as:

  • Lifting improvement;
  • Antioxidant enrichment;
  • Moisturizing effect.

Nucleofill, as a synonym for the innovative biotechnology, performs three main tasks in the aesthetic and anti-aging field:

  1. Receptors on skin fibroblasts. There is a noticeable improvement in the type I collagen and elastin production, which leads to deep hydration and slight facial lifting;
  2. Trap free radicals. Powerful antioxidant action can be expected after the injection;
  3. Binding to water molecules. The polynucleotides bind to water and, in this way, provide prolonged isosmotic hydration of the extracellular matrix.

After the procedure, patients may expect up to six months of deep skin renewal.

Indications for the Product

Nucleofill Strong works excellent to deal with the following conditions:

  • Skin dehydration;
  • Stretch marks on the body;
  • Scars.

This solution will not be effective for facial features improvement or hollow areas volumization. However, some clients experience a lifting effect after the treatment course.

Side Effects

With the help of Nucleofill Strong innovative treatment, it is possible to deal with plenty of beauty problems. However, people should still be ready for some typical adverse reactions after the session, namely:

  • Slight irritation in the target area;
  • Redness, swelling, itching;
  • Bruising in the places where needles punctured the dermis;
  • High tenderness of the treated spot.

People may expect all of those to go away after a few days; however, to make the recovery process even faster, a proper aftercare routine should be used after the injection session. If any symptoms of severe side effects occur, it is important to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible to receive proper medical advice and treatment recommendations (if needed).

Contraindications to the Procedure

  • Increased sensitivity to the solution’s ingredients;
  • Skin damages or untreated conditions in the target zone;
  • Blood-clotting problems;
  • Unsolved health problems, like high fever or flu;
  • Recent cosmetic treatments in the same area (e.g., chemical peeling);
  • Pregnancy or lactation period in women;
  • Age less than 18.

Why Should I Buy Nucleofill Strong Online at PDcosmetics?

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