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Galderma is a global dermatology company partnering with healthcare professionals to provide innovative medical solutions to patients with skin health needs. The Restylane beauty line offers a solution for a wide range of lines surfacing across the face, whether they are worry lines, glabella lines, perioral lines and many more. Many Restylane products contain lidocaine to act as an anaesthetic- the pain free solution.

Modern life-style pushes your skin out of balance, breaking down your skin barrier, which protects you from sun, pollution and stress. Used in the morning, our hydrating day cream improves your skin´s structure, elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This helps your skin to regain its balance, with increased smoothness, softness and glow.

RESTYLANE DAY CREAM  is a moisturiser suitable for all skin types. The DMS lipid structure in Restylane Day Cream means it has a high bio-compatibility with your own skin, which helps build up the skin’s natural protective barrier to reduce water loss and withstand premature ageing. Contains active ingredients that improve the skin’s own detoxifying ability, resulting in soft and healthy skin. The addition of stabilised hyaluronic acid enhances the long lasting moisturising effect of the cream.

Active ingredients: Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, DMS, Niacinamide, Creatine, Acetyl Carnitine, Piperine and Ceramide 3.

Suggested usage: Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin in the morning. It is recommended to use a sun protection cream SPF 15 or higher, when using Restylane Day Cream on a daily basis.


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