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Revanesse Contour Dermal Fillers Amazing Characteristics

Revanesse Contour with modified hyaluronic acid particles belongs to injectable dermal fillers able to not only deal with deeper age-related skin imperfections but also treat large volume areas by contouring and shaping.

Ultra-high viscosity of the gel guarantees smooth administration and easy injection session, so the product is suitable for practically anyone’s needs. Special cross-linking technology of hyaluronic acid gel makes the procedure safe for patients; that’s why many specialists out there prefer this filler option over all others.

This product shapes and contours facial features effectively, but the correct technique should be used for a successful outcome. That’s why only experienced professionals can buy it to conduct the treatment. 

Possible Treatment Areas

As it is already clear from the name, Revanesse Contour is a perfect option for facial contouring and general facial features definition. Typically, it is recommended for achieving the following results:

  • Chin and jaw contouring;
  • Nose bridge correction;
  • Volume loss restoration;
  • Fine lines and wrinkles elimination.

The product is perfect for both large-volume treatments and correction of deep creases in smaller target zones. However, it is still a specialist’s decision to pick this filler option for an individual.

This variation of high-quality hyaluronic acid gel doesn’t contain lidocaine in the composition, but topical anesthetic is always used to make sure an individual won’t feel any pain or severe discomfort during the injection session. After the administration, it is important to massage the target zone to spread out the product evenly; however, it can be done by a medical expert ONLY!

Thanks to the high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the base, the result after the treatment lasts for up to 18 months (in some individuals, even longer).

Adverse Reactions After the Injection Session

Revanesse Contour injectable hyaluronic gel is famous for its outstanding abilities and safe components used in its composition. However, as with any type of procedure, it can still cause certain adverse reactions that should be discussed with a patient before the injection session. We are mainly talking about these:

  • Injection site reactions, such as redness, itching, irritation;
  • Bruising in the area of the needle insertion;
  • High tenderness of the treated zone;
  • And so on.

Typically, these symptoms should be gone in a few days maximum; sometimes, if a proper aftercare routine is planned, a day can be enough (however, don’t forget that this factor is strictly individual and depends a lot on one’s skin and body peculiarities).

A medical expert should be informed about any severe post-treatment signs, such as allergic reactions, filler migration, trouble breathing or swallowing, and so on. It is crucial to take care of a person quickly and cure them as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of other dangerous conditions developing.

Limitations to the Procedure

Revanesse is a safe product that is suitable practically for anyone; however, with every product, there are certain limitations that should be considered and mentioned before choosing the best treatment option. So, this type of injectable filler shouldn’t be used for the following patients:

  • A tendency for keloid or hypertrophic scarring;
  • Severe allergies to any components present in the product’s composition;
  • Blood clotting disorders;
  • Current anticoagulation therapy;
  • Skin damage, irritation, or inflammation in the target area.

We would recommend talking to a beautician to pick an alternative to Revanesse Contour for safe appearance improvement and better health condition overall.

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Many product variations from the Revanesse family are available, namely Revanesse Kiss, Revanesse Pure, Revanesse Ultra, and so on. 


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  1. Dr. Abraham V.

    Revanesse Contour is a perfect injectable for facial contouring; it’s dense, it works well for patients with different needs, so I’m very happy with it. My parcel was delivered in less than a week (I think, in five days), which is also pretty great. Overall, no complaints.

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