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Teosyal RHA is a wrinkle filler product based on hyaluronic acid designed to support the skin in every move, while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of your face. Teosyal RHA4 is to be used specific for volume in extended areas. Contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic for comfort injection.

TEOXANE Laboratories have developed hyaluronic acid-based products for aesthetic medicine.

TEOSYAL® RHA products are suitable for the most mobile areas. Once administered, they fill the wrinkles, ensure that an optimal level of dermal hydration is maintained and lead to a long-lasting improvement in the skin’s elasticity. Your features regain their tone and your face its liveliness.

Does your face look tired, with sagging skin and deep lines? These signs indicate a significant decline in the volume as a person ages.  While the soft roundness of cheeks, shapely eyebrows and full facial contours are a symbol of youth, unfortunately, facial skin undergoes dramatic changes with age. Have you though of how aesthetic medicine can help you to achieve your dreams but do you fear the risk of pain, unnatural look, limited facial expressions or swelling? Thanks to the TEOSYAL RHA 4 product, you do not have to worry about such side effects. It belongs to TEOSYAL RHA line, which is based on pure hyaluronic acid. TEOXANE Laboratories together with the University of Grenoble have developed an exclusive line of high quality dermal fillers. What makes it unique is that they have considered beauty in its dynamic dimension. It means that we are not beautiful only when our face is not moving. Natural movements such as your smile, frown or yawning make your beauty and share your emotions with others. The TEOSYAL RHA line respects your personality traits and facial expressions while it gently fills the wrinkles, ensures that an optimal level of dermal hydration is maintained and leads to a long-lasting improvement in the skin’s elasticity. Besides, a local anaesthetic Lidocaine is added for maximum comfort. And there is minimal or no swelling.

The principal characteristic of TEOSYAL RHA 4 is its exceptional viscosity and elasticity which enables very effective filling as well as a greater resistance to dermal deformity. It is designed to create volume in the cheeks, chin,temples and for correcting deep skin depressions. If you fall within this category, TEOSYAL RHA 4 should be your choice No.1.

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  1. semourofficemanager

    Our patients experienced redness and discomfort at the injection site, but those resolved within a few days.

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