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Brand: Intraline

Manufacturer: Medicobi Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin: Sweden

Volume: 1ml

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

Strength of Hyaluronic Acid: 20 mg/ml

Density Level: Middle

Lidocaine: No

Application Areas: The facial oval, lips

Technology: Innovative spherification technology

Dermal Layers: Mid dermis, lip mucosa

Duration of Effect: Up to 12 months

Needles: 27G 1/2

Package: One prefilled syringe, two needles

Intraline is a popular Swedish brand of dermal filler solutions. While being manufactured by the Medicobi Co., Ltd. pharmaceutical company, it produces qualitative, safe, and long-lasting products with natural results.

The Intraline range might be subdivided into two main product lines, namely:

  • Biphasic dermal fillers (Intraline One, Intraline Two, Intraline Men);
  • Monophasic dermal fillers (Intraline M2 Plus, Intraline M3 Plus, Intraline M4 Plus).

Below, you will find a detailed overview of Intraline One, a universal dermal filler that is used to treat medium to deep skin depressions, contour facial features, and plump lips. Let’s go through its basic properties right away!

General Characteristics

Intraline One is an injectable gel that is used for facial rejuvenation and enhancement. Its composition consists of only the finest ingredients, such as environmentally friendly hyaluronic acid (strength 20 mg/ml) of non-animal origin. While being the main active substance of the product, it is used to efficiently hold moisture in skin tissues and fight various age-related issues.

Intraline One does not include lidocaine in its composition. However, a health care practitioner might apply a topical anesthetic to the area of the treatment to reduce a patient’s discomfort during the procedure.

The product is manufactured with the help of an innovative spherification technology. By means of involving a special proprietary bacterial fermentation process, it ensures the middle density of Intraline One and the optimal size of its cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) particles.

According to the protocol of the Intraline One injection, the treatment session should be performed by a licensed health care practitioner who will inject the dermal filler into either the mid dermis of the facial oval or the lip mucosa of the lips with the help of a 27G 1/2 needle.

The Intraline One treatment grants a patient natural-looking results for up to 12 months. However, it strongly depends on a patient’s individual properties, such as skin type, age, or lifestyle.

What’s in the box? The standard pack size of Intraline One includes one prefilled syringe with 1 ml of the product and two sterile 27G 1/2 needles.

Usage Indications

The injection of Intraline One is indicated to patients with visible signs of aging. It is used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles on the face (like frown lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or crow’s feet);
  • Contour facial features and participate in modeling expressive oval face;
  • Treat cupid’s bow;
  • Create a clear lip contour and volumize lip tissues;
  • And so on.

Therefore, Intraline One is a dermal implant that is used to provide smoother, younger, and more attractive results.


Not each and every person is a good candidate for the injection of Intraline One. The product should not be administered to patients with one of the following contraindications:

  • The age below 18;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Allergic reactions to any component of Intraline One (especially hyaluronic acid);
  • Ongoing skin infection around the area of the treatment;
  • Severe health complications, such as untreated epilepsy, autoimmune disorder, or diabetes mellitus;
  • Parallel intake of incompatible medications like blood thinners;
  • And so on.

The ignorance of the above-mentioned contraindications might lead to the appearance of different complications.


If a patient ignores the limitations to the administration of Intraline one or a health care practitioner does not maintain a proper injection technique, the following complications might appear:

  • Asymmetry of the treated facial features;
  • Bleeding around the injection site;
  • Infection;
  • The appearance of lumps or bumps;
  • Skin necrosis;
  • And so on.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to investigate a patient’s medical history before the injection and maintain a proper treatment protocol.

Side Effects

Despite the safety of Intraline Two injections, they might cause several side effects in some cases. Below, you will find a list of the most widely spread ones:

  • Skin irritation around the area of the treatment (including redness, swelling, and itching);
  • Bruising at the injection site;
  • Temporary pain or discomfort;
  • And so on.

These symptoms tend to fade away on their own within several days after the treatment. Thus, they do not require any medical supervision in most cases.

If patients experience any side effects after the injection of Intraline one, they should immediately get in touch with their health care practitioners.

After-Treatment Recommendations

The injection of the Intraline One dermal filler is a minimally invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime. Thus, patients are likely to get back to their everyday lives shortly after it.

However, patients might substantially minimize the risk of any complications and maximize the efficiency of the treatment by means of following these after-treatment recommendations for the first 48 hours after the procedure:

  • Do not expose the treatment area to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (namely, stay away from sunbathing or visiting saunas);
  • Apply special sunscreen cream to the injection site;
  • Avoid strenuous exercising;
  • Evade wearing makeup around the affected by the dermal filler area;
  • Eliminate pushing or pulling the injection site;
  • And so on.

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    Very nice brand, Intraline does its job perfectly!

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    Good product, can’t wait till it’s in stock again!

  3. Jenna

    Very good, 10/10. I used it once, and I will surely use it again

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