Radiesse (1x3ml)

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Radiesse has a standard luer fitting and is packaged in a foil pouch. If you are interested in Radiesse products, then you can visit our page and buy radiesse dermal filler online on our website. This injectable subdermal implant is completely biodegradable, non-pyrogenic, latex-free, cohesive, and semi-solid, and it has been steam sterilized. The Radiesse gel eventually dissipates and is replaced by soft tissue, leaving behind the calcium hydroxylapatite, giving the patient non-permanent yet long-term augmentation or restoration of their dermal structure. You can also purchase other dermal fillers on our website if you are interested.

5 reviews for Radiesse (1x3ml)
  1. M. Arce

    This filler provided fantastic volume and definition to the facial contours, with results lasting several months. PDcosmetics is a reliable supplier and ensured a timely delivery. Very pleased with both the product and the service.

  2. audreyphillmd

    Need it with lidocaine

  3. sheenq

    Will it ever be with lidocaine?????

  4. drlizzieny

    I’m happy that you’ve been restocked with 3 ml. Any deals?

  5. robertjamesjr

    finally, you have this one. 1.5 was good, but not enough for my needs.

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