Silhouette Soft 12 Cones (5 packs, 2 sutures with 12 cones each)

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Active composition: Surgical strands of Poly Lactic Acid with molded cones made of Lactide/Glycolyde.

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SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES instalift device is a special suture that can you can use to perform a non-surgical facelift. The suture is made of polylactic acid which gradually dissolves, leaving behind natural collagen growth, with bi-directional cones made of lactide glycolide, which is a mixture of lactic and glycolic acids. These cones help to keep the threads in place. SSILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES comes in sutures that are 26.8 cm, 27.5 cm, and 30 cm long and with 8, 12, or 16 cones on each suture, and they come in packages of two sutures. A SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES procedure is sometimes called a “puppet face lift”, “one-stitch face lift”, or a “non-surgical face lift.” In some locations, SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES is called SILHOUETTE SOFT or SILHOUETTE INSTALIFT™. It is similar to PDO threads (polydiaxanone threads).

Doctors such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists use SILHOUETTE SOFT® to correct early signs of aging such as light sagging. In skin that does not have severe sagging, the sutures offer an alternative to a surgical facelift as they lift and tighten skin. SILHOUETTE SOFT® is most suitable for patients in their mid-30s to mid-50s who still have a good support structure for their skin and for locations such as the mid-face, cheeks or cheekbones, facial contours, jaw line, eyebrows, or neck. Some doctors prefer using SILHOUETTE SOFT® because it is a 30-minute outpatient treatment that they can combine with other aesthetic treatments or use on its own, and some patients prefer this treatment because it requires only local anesthetic, it has minimum downtime, and the results are long-lasting. The procedure is sometimes called a thread lift or a suture lift.

The SILHOUETTE SOFT® sutures work by physically lifting sagging skin, with the bi-directional cones to hold the sutures in place after insertion. The materials used to make these sutures are biodegradable so they gradually break down within the skin, leaving no trace. In the meantime, the sutures provide structure for collagen growth, encouraging the growth of collagen so that when the sutures dissolve, a network of collagen remains to give the skin structure. Studies show collagen begins to encapsulate the sutures at about 30 days after insertion. The suture may begin to absorb around 181 days after implantation, and after a year, the sutures may show degradation.

Although the SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES sutures gradually dissolve, because of the collagen growth the effects of a treatment may last about eighteen months to twenty-four months. This means that to maintain their treatment results, your patients should return every year and a half to two years. Only trained medical professionals should administer SILHOUETTE SOFT®. To use SILHOUETTE SOFT®, first use a ruler to draw a pattern on your patient’s skin. An angle pattern can allow skin traction in a particular location while a straight pattern can correct sagging skin while repositioning the volume. Be sure to disinfect the area you will be treating then twist the plastic clip to remove SILHOUETTE SOFT® from its pouch, slightly tightening the knots to prepare the thread. Inject a local anesthetic into the entry and exit points you are targeting. To insert the SILHOUETTE SOFT® suture, first create an entry hole with an 18G needle then insert the suture to a depth of 5 mm beneath the skin, in subcutaneous tissue, indicated by the black line at the end of the needle tip. Thicker skin, such as on Asian patients, may need deeper suture insertion to reach the subcutaneous level. Once you have inserted the needle, turn it horizontally and push it through the subcutaneous tissue and out the first exit point, gently pulling until the first series of cones is inside the adipose tissue. Then, insert the second half of the suture. Once the entire suture is within the skin, cut the thread but leave the free ends long. Repeat this procedure for each suture. Next, gently apply pressure while pinching the tissue with all the fingers of one hand, while pulling the exposed ends of the sutures, for the cones to connect with the tissue and maintain their position. Finally, trim the ends of the sutures.

The difference between the different SILHOUETTE SOFT® products is the number of cones on the threads. SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8 has 8 cones spaced 0.5 cm apart on a 30 cm long suture; SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 has 12 cones spaced 0.8 cm apart on a 27.5 cm long suture; SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 has 16 cones spaced 0.8 cm apart on a 26.8 cm long suture.

You should not use SILHOUETTE SOFT® where permanent fillers are present. Your patient should also avoid beauty treatments such as facials in the month after their treatment. However, you can combine SILHOUETTE SOFT® with dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid.


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