Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines Lidocaine (2x1ml)

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Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines is used for treatment of highly pronounced wrinkles and has an optimal viscoelastic profile, adapted for treating deep wrinkles such as severe nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic for comfort injection.

Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines is an injectable dermal filler that is dense and voluminous. Buy Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines from PDCosmetics to correct deep nasal furrows or other deep lines and wrinkles. As skin ages, it begins to lose collagen, which causes the skin to lose both its volume and structure. This leaves the skin loose, forming wrinkles and lines that can become deeper with age. As you inject Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines into the wrinkles, it binds to moisture, increasing in size and restoring volume to give the skin support. This in turn gives the skin a more smooth and youthful appearance. With its dense and voluminous formula, Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines can even add volume to larger areas of skin, such as the cheeks, jawline, or other facial features. As the Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines absorbs moisture and adds volume to the area, patients can get plump cheeks or a sculpted jawline. The same is true of the lips, where an injection of Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines can add or restore volume, giving the lips a more plump and defined appearance as well as restoring moisture. Because Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines has a viscoelastic formula, it can restore volume to the skin while maintaining a natural appearance. Another advantage of the Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines gel is that it is pure, homogeneous, and monophasic. This makes the hyaluronic acid less vulnerable to degradation by free radicals. Free radicals can oxidize and damage hyaluronic acid, so the treatment results do not last as long, but Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines helps prevent this. Some clinical trials have shown that Teosyal Puresense results can last up to eighteen months before the skin starts to go back to its former aged appearance. This means that Teosyal Puresense Deep Lines is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers, so someone treated with this dermal filler can wait longer before having to return for another set of hyaluronic acid injections.


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