ZO Offects Hydrating Cleanser 150ml

ZO Offects Hydrating Cleanser 150ml

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ZO® OFFECTS® HYDRATING CLEANSER is an anti-aging cleanser for normal to dry skin, with ingredients that include sodium hyaluronate, other moisturizers, allantoin, and lipopeptide-myristoyl pentapeptide-8. This skin cleanser helps clean skin while moisturizing and soothing, rejuvenating skin without leaving a residue or disrupting the skin’s moisture barrier.

Doctors such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists may recommend ZO OFFECTS HYDRATING CLEANSER to their patients who have normal to dry, delicate, aging skin. The cleanser can remove dirt and oils from skin while hydrating and calming skin irritation.

ZO® OFFECTS® HYDRATING CLEANSER contains ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, glycerin, sodium PCA, and urea, which help replenish moisture that has been lost from skin. Allantoin helps soothe and calm skin irritation while lipopeptide-myristoyl pentapeptide-8 helps stimulate collagen growth to strengthen skin, reducing the look of wrinkles. Together, the ingredients in ZO® OFFECTS® HYDRATING CLEANSER help to keep the skin clean and free of dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving a residue, while also helping to rehydrate, calm, and rejuvenate skin.

  • Helps retain moisture during the cleansing process
  • Soothing and calming properties
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup without leaving a residue