Belotero vs Juvederm

Every girl who looks after herself dreams of being beautiful and having a youthful skin. One of the most effective preparations for facial care is the filler. However, it is quite easy to get lost in the variety of products offered. The most common options today are Belotero and Juvederm. What should one choose, what should be taken into consideration, what are the pros and cons of each preparation?


The manufacturer is the pharmaceutical company called Merz Pharma. German production guarantees high quality and instant results. The key feature of the products of this brand is increased plasticity and viscosity. Therefore, they are used in the process of solving a wide range of problems. It may be, for example, the removal of scars after suppurative skin rash (acne).

Belotero preparations are universal. For example, if it is necessary to enlarge the lips, three fillers of this line can be used simultaneously. They are Basic, Soft and Intense. In addition, the product is widely used in the process of combating wrinkles which have an average degree of intensity and are located mainly in the nasolabial area. Soft effectively copes with the first age changes on the neck. Intense can easily correct the shape of the cheekbones.


This line of preparations was developed on the basis of useful and indispensable hailuronic acid. It is produced by the well-known American company Allergan. The company has existed for over 50 years and its scale of activity is tremendous. It appeared on the US market in 1948. The company managed to quickly conquer it, and then it spread to the European countries.

The company offers several fillers. Each product is designed to solve a specific problem:

  • “18” is used by young women who have surface irregularities and they are poorly pronounced;
  • “24” is a preparation with a thick structure, so it can easily fill deep wrinkles;
  • “30” has a dense structure and is recommended by doctors in order to remove nasolabial folds and change the shape of the cheekbones;
  • “HV” is suitable for filling deep wrinkles at an older age; it has a very dense texture and corrects folds on the skin;
  • “30HV” changes the shape of the lips and the area of ​​the cheekbones;
  • “Hydrate” is used in biorevitalization procedures.

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

The action of this preparation is based on the key properties of hyaluronate. The fact is that the acid of the same name promotes water binding. Scientists have found that only one such particle holds 50 times more molecular elements. The list of the advantages of the preparation also includes the following points:

  • It contains hyaluronate which is of non-animal origin, therefore there is no allergic reaction.
  • The filler has an optimal level of viscosity, which simplifies the procedure of its introduction into the tissue and contributes to the preservation of the effect for up to 12 months.

What to Choose?

Belotero and Juvederm prices are almost the same. In both lines there is an approximately identical set of fillers. Their properties are similar. The duration of the effect of both Belotero and Juvederm products is also the same. Therefore, it is always up to the consumer which line to choose. If you need a superficial correction, you can use Juvederm. If you want a deep change, opt for Belotero. The main thing is to trust your skin to an experienced professional who uses preparations correctly. Only such an approach will provide a good result.