In addition to general facts about fillers, it is good to know basics about its types and variety of expected results of usage. Dermal fillers are well suited for smoothing the furrow on the forehead, wrinkles elimination and giving the skin a fresh, younger look. We can distinguish biodegradable fillers (decomposable, absorbable), weakly degradable and bionondegradable (permanent) ones.


Biodegradability of fillers


In the previous article it was stated that all fillers can be used for replacing (e.g. for wrinkles) or for stimulation (volume recovery), and they, in turn, can be both divided as biodegradable and permanent.

Biodegradable (temporary) fillers are cleaved by tissue enzymes and at some point of time will be completely eliminated from the body without harmful consequences. The most common today are biodegradable fillers based on hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite calcium. They differ by the time of presence in the body, composition, purpose of usage.

Bionondegradable synthetic (permanent) fillers (silicone and biopolymer gel) persist in tissues for 5 years or more. But they can migrate and cause a rejection reaction.

Fillers also differ in the degree of viscosity and density. Viscosity can be high, medium and low. The higher the density of the filler, the longer the effect of contour plastics persists. In addition, fillers with low viscosity are offered for the elimination of light wrinkles and minor correction, while highly viscous fillers are recommended for the treatment of deep wrinkles and giving volumes (for example, to enlarge the lips).


Main outcomes


Results of contour plastics by fillers are following:

  • Increasing skin elasticity
  • Giving elasticity to a skin
  • Stimulation of tissue growth
  • Restoration of natural processes in a skin
  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • Creating a skin relief
  • Modeling and strengthening of the contours of face and body
  • Elimination of circles under the eyes
  • Filling of scars


The Procedure


Injection techniques vary, depending on the thickness of the needle used and issues that needed to be corrected. In contour plastics, dermal fillers are used to care body and face, although more often, they are used to improve the appearance and correction of the contours of the face. An obvious advantage of carrying out such a contour plastics is the ability to work with the face without affecting the area of ​​the muscles and thereby not changing facial expressions. Fillers of the new generation allow achieving a complex result: to correct from moderate to severe facial wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin, to help to moisturize the skin, to restore and create elasticity and smoothness of the skin.