Juvederm Ultra – is the only series of products based on hyaluronic acid, registered by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA. It provides correction of wrinkles of average depth, deep wrinkles and folds for up to 1 year. It is presented by versions Juvederm Ultra 2, 3 and 4 (higher number means stronger effect).

Juvederm UltraSmile – this medication is designed to work with the shape and contour of the lips, is used for enlargement of lip volume, lip contour augmentation, treatment of vertical lines of wrinkles and depressions in the corners of the mouth. Unlike other fillers, Juvederm ULTRA SMILE doesn’t contain dispersive particles, and so it is equally distributed in the tissue after injection and provides a smooth and natural result for an extended period. This is the first monophasic filler based on hyaluronic acid produced for injecting the lips, which contains lidocaine. Immediate action of the local anesthetic provides maximum comfort for the patient during and after the procedure of filler injection, allowing them just to enjoy the process of treatment and the achieved results.

Juvederm Hydrate – is designed to improve skin hydration and elasticity by multiple injections in the area between the epidermis and dermis. The product is focused on biorevitalisation and intensive moisturizing of the skin.

Juvederm Volbella – enhances the lip contour to improve the clarity, outlines filtrum, fills wrinkles in the oral area and stabilizes the marionette lines for young outlook of the face, increases the volume of the lips and eliminates symmetrical features, raises the corners of the mouth to a more positive view. The patented technology VYCROSS ™ is used in Juvederm Volbella along with lidocaine. It is a new generation of hyaluronic acid, smooth and natural gel with long-acting effect that reduces swelling and provides a natural look and feeling.

Juvederm Voluma – provides facial volume restoring, including the zygomatic area (cheekbones and cheeks) and chin. It is homogeneous high cohesive volumizing filler that is equally distributed in the deep layers of the dermis and subcutaneous fat. Returns a person lost volume and a clear contour.

Advantages of Juvederm Ultra:

• the homogeneity of structure allows you to inject medication gently and easily.
• patient’s comfort during the procedure and immediately afterwards.
• maintaining the optimal volume for a long time (up to 1 year, due to the special 3D Matrix technology).
• optimal proportion of hyaluronic acid in the medication.

The differences between Juvederm Ultra 2, Juvederm Ultra 3 and Juvederm Ultra 4:

Juvederm Ultra – is a collection of products based on hyaluronic acid, which are designed to be injected in various layers of the skin. Juvederm Ultra 2 is injected into the upper layers of the skin. It is used for eliminating fine wrinkles in the forehead, mouth and outer corners of eyes.

Injections of denser structure Juvederm Ultra 3 is injected into the upper and middle layers of the skin, smoothing wrinkles of the forehead, zygomatic area and the corners of the mouth. Furthermore, it is used to change the contour of the lips.

Juvederm Ultra 4 – is used for the filling of deep nasolabial folds, correction of cheekbones, chin and facial contours, lip augmentation. It is introduced in the middle and deep layers of the skin.

What is the advantage of Juvederm Hydrate?

New Juvederm can quickly saturate the skin with moisture and improve its elasticity for an extended period. Clinical studies report a significant improvement in skin moisture in 95% of patients.

Mannitol – is a new active ingredient that increases the efficiency of treatment is introduced to the structure of Yuviderm Gidreyt except hyaluronic acid. Biorevitalizant Juvederm Hydrate provides:

• intensive moisturizing.
• smooth skin.
• The natural and healthy colour and glow.

However, there are some absolute contraindications to use the new filler:

• tendency to hypertrophic scars;
• individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid and mannitol;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• an introduction to the area, where a permanent filler had already been introduced.