Popularity of the facial serum growths rapidly, but there are a few contradictory moments regarding right application of this cosmetic.

1. Do we need to replace facial cream with the serum?

The serum is quite good, so it would be logical to assume that serum could replace facial cream. However, it is recommended to use serum with the cream, putting it under the cream layer. Many modern serums, despite being very effective in resolving many skin problems, can not protect your face from the negative effects of the environment. That is smart to use a cream or other skin care products.

Also, many mistakenly believe, that the only difference between serum and facial cream is a lighter watery structure. That is true, that most serums have water as the bases, as so they penetrate deeper layers of skin rather than the cream (as water penetrates into the skin much easier than the oily basis of the cream). In addition, serum contains much more ANA-acids, which help to penetrate vitamins and nutrients into the skin. The effect after application of serum for the face will be seen much faster than after applying even a very good cream.

2. Serum can be used all year round.

Actually, there are no restrictions on the use of facial serum regarding continuance. However, if you want to achieve the greatest effect, you shall use it by cycles. Usually it is appropriate to apply serum for one month, then take a break for 2-4 months and repeat the course again.

3. Serum suits for face skin of any age.

The high concentration of serum nutrients for a person makes us think that such a remedy will be better suited for mature skin, since it is better for younger to use more gentle care. For sure, it is unwise to use serum, designed to deal with signs of aging, for the person at age 18. However, there are serums designed to solve typical problems for young skin: acne, irritation, pigmentary stains etc.

4. Facial serum is not a universal tool. How to choose the right one?

To start, pay attention to whether you have allergies to certain components. Also, it is good to check the presence of glycolic acid, a component that makes the skin more susceptible to the sun, and therefore you will need to additionally use a cream with high SPF. But if you have a lot of antiseptic components in the face serum, remember that it is better to use this serum in the warm season, because in the winter it will dry the skin even further.

Important thing – it is better not to experiment, but to seek advice from a cosmetologist, who, depending on the needs of your skin, will be able to recommend one or another composition of the serum. If you do not have the opportunity to contact a specialist, then you have to study the composition yourself very carefully.