Every person who has decided to make contouring plastic almost immediately learns about Juvederm. Why does this happen? It the remedy so good? Yes, the drug is recommended by many cosmetologists, and the information about it overflows all related Internet sources. Is it worth considering? Well, let’s dive into details to find out what’s so special in Juvederm filler.

What Does the Doctor Think When He Hears About the Juvederm Filler?

The drug is produced by the famous American company Allergan. Their product is hyaluronic acid-based elastic gel with which special disposable syringes are filled. Hyaluronic Acid contained in Juvederm is of non-animal origin, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Instead of it, the remedy causes a natural rejuvenating effect by stimulating the collagen production in the skin tissues. Juvederm injections allow the human body to take extra doses of hyaluronic acid that leads to tissue restoration and activity regulations. Since the substance is naturally occurred in our bodies, there no way of its rejection. By the way, not only cosmetologists use hyaluronic acid for aesthetic means. Doctors of different profiles also use this substance to treat diseases.
The main purpose of using the filler is tissue volume restoration. Therefore, the drug can be used for:

  • lips contouring and augmentation (for this means cosmetologists use such Juvederm lip fillers: Juvederm 30, Juvederm HV, Juvederm 24, Juvederm Ultra 4 or Juvederm Ultra Smile);
  • filling in different facial wrinkles like crow’s feet, deep forehead lines, etc (Juvederm 18, Juvederm 24 HV, Juvederm Ultra 3 with Lidocaine);
  • adding the missing volume to the cheeks or cheekbones making the facial oval more clear and pronounced (Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Ultra 3 with Lidocaine);
  • general face contour correction and skin hydration (Juvederm Hydrate);
  • elimination of other skin defects.

An experienced doctor knows that the choice between different versions of the drug is a very serious question. It influences not only the effect but the fact how long does Juvederm last. Thus, when patients often ask “how long does it take for Juvederm to work?”, cosmetologist or dermatologist explains that it depends on the type of product and skin area. The responsibility for good results after beauty injections lies with the doctor. However, the patient also needs to know about the features of the drug in order to control the process.

You shouldn’t be afraid to combine several types of Juvederm fillers. Yes, there’s nothing wrong. Let’s suggest the situation when you need to smooth out deep forehead lines and add some volume to the lips. In these cases, the doctor takes different kinds of product and make the necessary injections. The thing is Juvederm types have various degree of viscosity to solve all possible dermal problems.

Comparing with other remedies, this one is always evenly distributed under the skin. Thus, there is no effect of artificiality and changes are almost invisible. The effect may last up to 12 months whereas other dermal fillers have a duration of 6 – 7 months.

Where Can I Buy Juvederm?

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