Mesotherapy for face and body today are one of the most efficient methods of microdoses injections of a remedy, directly close to the problem area of the skin, helping to cure various defects and diseases.

For today, preparations for skin care of the face and body have reached a higher level. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular among women, as it has repeatedly proven its influence on the improvement of the skin condition.

Advanced technology

Mesotherapy is a medical technique that involves the injection of biologically active substances into the superficial layers of the skin by microinjections. This is to correct pathological changes in the aesthetic nature, such as skin aging, cellulitis, flabbiness, alopecia, etc. It stimulates a physical reaction caused by a mechanical tool (medical needle). Then, pharmacological action of those injected biological substances occurs. The effectiveness of mesotherapy procedures is always guaranteed as proper medications are used and appropriate conditions are kept.

These are local-level medical procedures – more precise, at the dermis level. They do not depend on the histological location of the lesion. In addition, they have a minimal risk of side effects. Using a minimally invasive method of injection, those procedures allow the patient to return to everyday life immediately.

Goals of mesotherapy

A wide amount of high quality preparations can successfully handle with the following issues:

  • Scars and small skin defects
  • Pigmentation effect after acne
  • Hair loss and stimulation of further growth
  • Cellulite
  • Some forms of dermatitis
  • Skin diseases of the head (e.g. seborrhea)
  • Skin recovery and healing after various plastic corrections.

Types of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can be divided into two main stages. During the first stage injections aimed directly at affecting the disease itself. Mesotherapy use the newest and most effective means designed to cure the most problematic skin. The second stage of the application of mesotherapy preparations focuses on the sustainable effect of the result and additional saturation of skin cells with antioxidants, anesthetics, trace elements, etc.

Clinical investigations have shown good compatibility of mesotherapy with other cosmetic procedures for skin care both face and body. Giving almost immediate results, mesotherapy is effective in a long time perspective.